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Agile Project Management
The PMI’s Agile Practice Guide: What You Need to Know
In September 2017, the PMI produced the sixth edition of its Project Management Body of Knowledge, the PMBOK Guide. And,[...]
What is Planning Poker? | Video
Estimating project work package times and the times it will take to build products or deliverables is one of the[...]
Agile Certification: Your Guide to the Large Array of Agile Qualifications
You want to embrace Agile as part (or maybe all) of your Project Management practice. And you know that a[...]
What is Scrumban? | Video
You've heard of Scrum... You've heard of Kanban... So, what is Scrumban? Dr Mike Clayton is founder of Here, he answers[...]
What is Lean Project Management? | Video
These days, every organization seems to be going Lean. So, what is Lean Project Management, and how does it relate[...]
What is Kanban? | Video
Kanban originated in the manufacturing sector. But, recently, it has become a popular approach to managing projects. This is especially[...]
What are the Best Project Management Books?
Yes, we've had a huge revolution in how we can learn and teach ourselves. And you may be ready for[...]
What is Scrum? | Video
Scrum is perhaps the most widely used of the Agile Project Management methodologies. So, what is Scrum? Dr Mike Clayton is founder[...]
Project Management Qualification: Should I or Shouldn’t I?
Of all the questions I get asked in live project management training, one is the most frequent. 'Should I get[...]
What is New in the PMBOK 6th Edition? The Changes
Last September, the PMI released the sixth edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge, the PMBOK®. So we'll take[...]
What is Agile Project Management? | Video
Everyone is talking about it. And lots of project managers are doing it. So, Agile is clearly important. So what[...]
What is Agile and Why is it Important to Project Managers?
The PMI® is introducing Agile into the 6th Edition of its Project Management Body of Knowledge, the PMBoK®. But there[...]
Why You Can No Longer Ignore Agile Methodologies
You may be at the start of your Project Management career, or a seasoned veteran. You may work on software[...]