Writing for OnlinePMCourses

Do you want to write an article for us?

We are happy to accept sponsored articles at OnlinePMCourses. But, please note that our terms are strict.

We only accept posts that are of clear relevance to our audience. Do not consider contacting us unless you are clear that you can and do intend to meet those terms.

Otherwise, you are wasting our time… and yours.

So, any proposed content must:

  • Represent a client of genuine interest to our readers 
    These are primarily new to intermediate-stage Project Managers, but do also include experienced PMs
  • Be an in-depth authority article of real interest to Project Managers
    Don’t even think that a hack-piece in a format like ‘5 reasons for x’ or ‘do you know why z’ will interest us
  • Deliver an original article, to high quality…
    And of a minimum of 2,000 words, and written to the standard of a first-language English speaker.
    Our content is written with US spellings and style.

Your article may have relevant external links but must not be overly promotional. These will be do-follow links.

We will include an author bio, with an image and social links.

Commercial Terms

If you write a post that meets these criteria, we would charge a fee that will cover the full cost of mounting the article:

  1. Review and Developmental Edit
    To ensure the content is accurate, logically structures, and compelling to read
  2. Copy Edit
    For style, SEO, and internal links
  3. Format
    To bring the format of the content to our house style
  4. Upload and Schedule
    Including SEO and images, include relevant do-follow links
  5. Promote
    Using social media

We will retain the right to refuse your content if it fails to meet our criteria.

Other Options

We can also write a post for you, as long as we can agree:

  • a topic that meets your client’s needs and the needs of our readers
  • commercial terms

And we can add do-follow links to an existing post. But this is not free, nor at a bargain-basement price. Our articles are of high quality and high authority. Our charges recognize this fact.


Once again, we only accept content and links of genuine interest to Project Managers.

And absolutely no drugs, cbd, adult, crypto, forex, exam services, essay writing, gambling, or similar.

Next Step

If you are confident that you can abide by these terms, then email Mike Clayton at mike@onlinepmcourses.com

If you have a serious proposition, I promise I will make your life very easy!

And, one last reminder…

We get a lot of requests where the individual or agency takes one look at our full commercial terms and says ‘our best price is $50 per article, but we can do lots of business with you.’

We are not interested.

We are only interested in serious Project Management businesses that want to place a high-quality article and understand the costs of doing so.