Volume Licensing of Project Management Courses for Businesses

Does your team need to perform better in managing projects?

You are losing money because your projects constantly run over budget.

And your customers get frustrated because of poor communication, unnecessary glitches, and late delivery on your commitments.

As a result, you are losing money and good will...

Sudhakar KesavanChairman and CEO of ICF International, Inc.

The more project management expertise we have, the less likelihood of complications with the client, overruns and cost issues.

Quoted in the PMI's Pulse of the Profession Report:
'The High Cost of Low Performance' 2016.

It's Time to Get Project Management Training for your Team

But there's a problem:

Maybe you don't have a large enough team to justify the cost of bringing in a trainer to your business...

Or maybe you can't afford to have your whole team away from their work at the same time...

But there is no external open course available when you need it...

Or, if there is, the prices are eye-watering...

And that's without the travel, subsistence, and accommodation!

Project Management Training for Your Whole Team
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We offer attractive volume licensing of Project Management courses for businesses

  • Low costs and attractive volume licenses.
  • Team members can work at their own pace, and between other commitments.
  • Course materials constantly available, wherever and whenever your people need them.
  • No additional costs.
  • Plus: tools and templates your teams can download and adapt to your business*
  • And: on-boarding program tailored to your business
  • And: on-demand, ask-me-anything Q&A facility with the trainer.

* Our standard programs offer a wide selection of tools and templates. Many are in printable PDF format. For volume license customers, all templates are available in editable formats. So you can adapt and brand them for your own business.

To find out more about volume licensing of Project Management courses, contact Mike Clayton, using the form.