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OnlinePMCourses has been designed to offer Project Management courses that meet the needs of people who want to learn about Project Management and advance their skills.

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Our Project Management courses will be for you, if you find yourself saying something like this... 

PMI | The Project Management Institute

PMI PDUs are available for all of our courses.

  • 'I Want to be a
    Project Manager'
  • 'I Need to Deliver
    My next Project'
  • 'I need my people to Be 
    Better Project Managers'


Your business is strong, and delivering great projects for your customers is a key part of that strength. 
Lately, however, too many projects have slipped. Customers have been frustrated, and profit margins have suffered. 

You have an opportunity to improve both efficiency and customer service, in the way your people manage projects. You know that there is scope to recover margins, delight your customers, and generate capacity for more work.

​The trouble is, you are a small business, and you can’t find suitable training courses to sign your staff onto. You are also concerned about significant blocks of time away from the office, but the cost of bringing in an experienced project management trainer seems too high.

You need a flexible solution, pragmatic training, and at a manageable cost.

You have a mixed team, who are bright and good at their jobs. They have varying project management experience, different roles, and some will be less familiar with online services. So the solution you go for needs to be easy to use, yet flexible so that anyone who wants to use them on their mobile devices can do so. 

​OnlinePMCourses offers you a complete project management learning package, but it is our core project management courses that you need now. There are different courses for people who need more or less depth, but they are all designed to give a structured introduction to the basics of project management; the perfect primer for immediate project success.

We have a number of courses, so you can choose how much to invest for each team-member.​ You'll want to check out the comparison table on our Core Project Management Courses page.

For businesses, we offer discounted packages so you can buy the services you need, and then add on additional packages to meet the needs of your business.

Mike Clayton, founder of OnlinePMCourses has spent over 25 years working with businesses from global corporates, to government and local government, to small, owner-managed businesses. So we understand your needs in principle. Drop us a line, so we can start to understand your needs, in detail.

All of our courses have our 30-Day Money-back Guarantee and our Easy-upgrade Promise
And all of our courses are based on popular and successful live training, which Mike has delivered to thousands of project managers, just like you.

Are You Ready for a Project Management Course (Why you are)?

Do you want to learn about Project Management?

If you do, I remember that feeling too. There was a time when I wanted to go on a project management course more than anything else, in my working life.

I also remember thinking ‘I’ve never done anything like this before. I hope I’ll follow it.’ 

Although you are probably just the same as I was… keen to learn because you suspect that project management is a great career, you may be wondering if it is all a bit too complicated.

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