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50 Great Project Management Blogs for 2017

50 Great Project Management Blogs for 2017

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest thinking on Project Management… Or if you want to reflect on some interesting ideas… Or you simply want answers to common challenges… Then you can do a lot worse than reading one or two well-chosen Project Management blogs.

In this comprehensive round-up, I’d like to share all of the best. If I’ve missed your favourite (or your own!) then do add it at the comments section.

50 Great Project Management Blogs

50 Great Project Management Blogs for 2017This is going to be a mammoth article, and I don’t think I can easily pick favourites. Each of these project management blogs has something valuable to offer and I’ll try to indicate who each one will be most useful for. So, to avoid creating the semblence of preference, I’ll list them in alphabetical order. And of course, I do have my own preferences. Where I do, I’ll let you know.

Association of Project Management Blog

The UK’s Association for Project Management (APM) has a thriving blog, with posts its own staff and its members. They vary from APM-centred content, to clearly promotional content (largely from services and training providers) to some of the best UK project management thinking. I’ll declare an interest here: because I have a regular article for the APM’s journal, Project, my articles appear here too.

Back from Red

This engaging blog from Todd Williams of eCameron focuses narrowly on recovering failing projects. I’m not sure how often it’s updated now, but the archive is well worth a look.

Better Projects

Short musings from Agilist, Craig Brown. They often hold nuggets of insight and sometimes of humour. These aren’t to my taste, but then Agile is not really my thing.

Brad Egeland

Brad is an experienced project manager, whose blog posts cover a breadth of PM topics. However, his articles all require an extra read-more click that is frustrating and many lead to articles on another site, with other people’s by-lies, so it’s hard to e sure who is writing them. Brad, I know you understand UX. Please look at your blog with customer’s eyes!

Deep Fried Brain Project

You have to love the title, but heres another user experience that leaves us wanting. However, if you are looking for a PMI PMP qualification, Harwinder Singh has oodles of great content. And if you’re not, you may still find some helpful introductory to intermediate tips.

Digital Project Management Blog

Sam Barnes’ blog is at the quirkier, more bizarre end of the spectrum and he focuses on digital projects. But don’t let either of those put you off. Much of his content is generic, and his humour is mostly good natured. And the ideas in the content are often pithy and insightful. You won’t see quite so many familiar stock images here as elsewhere!

Drunken PM

Now with a Podcast radio station, DrunkenPM Radio, J David Prior’s blog focuses on Agile and Scrum in particular. But his podcasts range more widely.

Duration Driven

A blog provided by Project management consulting firm Project Management Alliance. This is a good project management blog for newer project managers, with thoughtful articles about basic and general project management topics.

Earth PM

Project Management blog with a focus on environmental and sustainability-related projects.

Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice

Kiron Bondale’s blog looks at wider organizational projects and organizational change. So you’ll get some good practical advice if you are working at a strategic level.

Eight to Late

Kailash Awati does not write for the casual reader. Be prepared to think hard and cope with deeply intellectual analysis. He uses subtle philosophical concepts and includes code from time to time. But if you want a demanding read that will teach you something deep, he’s your man.

50 Great Project Management Blogs 2017

Fear No Project

Bruce McGraw uses his blog to focus on the management side of project management. This makes it an excellent source of reading for when you are familiar with all the basics and need to move one step further on in your reading.

Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Elizabeth Harrin’s blog roams far and wide over the Project Management world, but her own focus is on project communications, which is where her blog is at its best. It’s also good for interviews, guest articles, reviews, and downloadable resources. It’s one of the oldest and best of the project management blogs. Elizabeth is a friend.

Guerrilla Project Management

This is another of a number of project management blogs from blogging friends. Samad Aidane this time. Samad’s blogging a lot less frequently now, as he is pursuing research into culturally diverse project teams, under the banner of Leading with Cultural Intelligence. So keep an eye on his other blog, Neurofrontier – the Neuroscience of Leadership, for valuable information on that topic.

Herding Cats

Coincidentally, Glen Alleman’s blog is another of the oldest and best. Its no-frills presentation will focus you on the depth of his content. Glen is a quantitative project manager, who believes in rigor. He writes a lot about estimation and the overlap between traditional and agile methodologies in large, complex, and high-criticality projects. Intellectually, Glen takes no prisoners, so when you are ready for his depth, you will learn from him.

How to Manage a Camel

Lindsay Scott writes as a PM recruiter (founder of Arras People) and an expert on PMOs. If you are near the start of your journey and interested in building a career, this is ono f the best Project Management blogs. Lindsay has written a blog for OnlinePMCourses.

IIL Blog

Thoughtful short articles form The International Institute of Learning (IIL) – a consulting and training business that des not push its business down your throat. In fact, I couldn’t find a link to their man site from the blog!

KeyedIn Projects

Short, sharp articles, and some longer ones. They appear infrequently, but are worth scanning form time to time.

The Lazy Project Manager’s Blog

This Project Management blog offers original musings from one of the industry’s more authentic voices. Peter Taylor’s books and blogs are often amusing as well as thought-provoking. He specialises in PMO’s and constructive laziness: the former with considerable rigor and the latter with a wry eye. He’s less active now he’s back running a PMO than when he was a full time professional speaker, but not a lot so. His Lazy Project Manager Podcast is also well worth checking out.

Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner is a project management software and their blog offers a wide variety of voices from both within the company and the wider world of project management. This includes authors of a number of established project management blogs, like Elizabeth Harrin (see Girl’s Guide, above) and Susanne Madsen (see below).

Managed Agile

Chuck Cobb offers Agile Project Management blogs that are frequently detailed and thoughtful.  He is also one of the most accomplished online video trainers in the Agile Project Management space.

Musings on Project Management

John Goodpasture offers some of the most thoughtful musings on project management, as well as one of my favourite definitions:

Manage assigned resources to deliver the value expected, taking measured risks to do so.

His project management blogs range widely, bu there is a lot here onrisk management, leadership and Agile.

Well, you’re here aren’t you? Invidious as it may be to mention ourselves, it’s worth noting that Mike Clayton’s earlier project management blog, ‘Shift Happens!’, frequently featured in roundups of the best project management blogs. I’ve moved my writing here, says Mike, to link it directly to the new business, and make it available to a new audience.

Pawel Brodzinski

Pawel’s somewhat infrequent blog repays careful reading with long articles written primarily for software project managers working with Agile methods. But his breadth of knowledge and consideration of ideas makes his project management blogs a worthwile read for any serious project manager.

PM for the Masses

Cesar Abeid brings intermittent guest articles and podcasts with guests. There’s some great content – particularly for newer Project managers – if you can get past the heavy advertising and incessant pop-ups.

50 Great Project Management Blogs 2017

PM Solutions

Mostly short-sharp comments from practitioners within this consulting firm.  They give off little love of writing and blogging, but do sometimes offer a valuable nugget of information.

PM Student

Margaret Meloni does relish writing, and her mostly short posts are filled with sound advice for newer project managers (as the site’s name suggests!)

The Practicing IT Project Manager

Dave Gordon offers readers a weekly summary of some of the best posts form a range of project management blogs. This is alongside his own articles. A great resource.

The Program Manager’s Blog

A huge jumble of contributed posts makes this a great resource, but not a comfortable place to read. There’s a lot of good stuff here, but the interface is very poor.

This is the PMI’s blogging platform, where hundreds of project managers contribute their thoughts. ‘Overwhelming’ is the word that comes to mind. There’s something for everyone, but you’ll need to invest time to find the right channels and authors for you.

Project Management 2.0

Former identity of the Wrike Blog (see below). Collaboration software vendor Wrike is working hard to introduce the idea of Social Project Management as Project Management 2.0 and you can read more about that idea on their blog.

Project Management Hut

A venerable old site full of excellent project management blogs from practitioners who enjoy writing but choose not to build their own platform. Some of the articles are extraordinarily comprehensive. Their individual ‘Huts’ offer coherent sequences of articles that often form a great basis for developing your learning. (No relation to Jabba, I think).

Project Management Paradise

Trust an Irishman to find a melodious title for a rapidly growing archive of excellent podcast interviews wth project managers. The weekly episodes are sponsored by Cora Systems. A fair number of the bloggers in this list are represented, including myself: Episode 14 – “Risk Management Explained” with Mike Clayton.

Project Management Tips 

It isn’t clear who or what is behind this blog, but it looks like a collection of decent (contributed) articles that is supported by advertising. There are a lot of articles by Elizabeth Harrin (Girl’s Guide, above), so read it for that reason if no other.

Another eclectic source of articles from a variety of writers. Here you’ll find a lot of very good content on a wide range of project management topics.

Cloud-based project management software provider that offers long-form commission pieces from experts like Susanne Madsen (Project Leadership – see below) and Yours Truly. Their pieces tend to be long and thoughtful, covering a wide range of topics in depth.

Projects at Work

This is a PMI sponsored blog featuring in depth articles by and for serious project, program and portfolio management practitioners. Yu’ll need to register with PMI or subscribe to the blog, to read the articles, but they are worth it.

Project News Today

Barry Hodge offers his own articles and a helpful roundup of other people’s. If only he’d moderate his pop-ups. A good asset comes over just a bit to me-me-me.

Project Smart

Another Project Management content site, offering some excellent articles from a range of project managers, including Brad Egeland (see above). It also offers a platform for some of the bigger commercial players, and a number of other resources.

Project Times

To my mind, this is one of the best sites compiling a wide range of project management blogs and other related resources.

Ricardo Vargas

As well as a lot of excellent articles, Ricardo offers videos and podcasts. His articles are long, detailed, and written for experienced and serious practitioners.

Ron Rosenhead

Ron writes for the day-today project managers who are largely managers who have been given projects to deliver. His project management blogs are usually short comments addressing the questions that arise in his training sessions. Ron is a friend of mine and has also written for OnlinePMCourses.

50 Great Project Management Blogs 2017

Stepping into Project Management

This is the real thing; a blog that does what blogs were supposed to do. A web log of someone’s experiences. Here it’s Soma Bhattacharya stepping first into Project  Management and then into Agile, and getting advice from OnlinePMCourses friends Elizabeth Harrin (see Girl’s Guide, above) and Samad Aidane (see Guerrilla Project Management, above).

Susanne Madsen

Susanne focuses on Project Leadership and does it very well. Her style is simpilar to mine – a mix of short insight pieces and longer review style topics. If you know the basics of project management and want to graduate to better leadership, Susanne’s is one f the best project management blogs to follow.

The Way of the Project Manager

There’s always one. Someone has to write an off the wall, calmly reflective and deeply thought-provoking set of wise articles one very subject of interest. And John Carroll does it for Project Management. This will never be your go-to blog for Project Management knowledge, but if you enjoy John’s brand of EasternPhilosophy-inspired musing, you may want to make this a regular source of pleasure.

Team Gantt

Helpful longer articles from another project management software vendor. I’m not sure they are all really about project management. But for newer project managers, there is plenty of value in the articles about productivity and team working. I wish the annoying pop-up at the bottom would get the message, though.

Tyner Blain

Scott Selhorst writes about project management and product management, primarily for the software development sector. If this is you, his articles will certainly give you new thigs to think about.

Vertabase Blog

This will give you a mixture of product announcements for their project management software, and short helpful articles for new and intermediately experienced PMs.

ViewPoint Visum

A mixture of project management articles from another software vendor. Some are short and often superficial adverts for the product. But some do repay careful reading. Wheat and chaff here, but the annoying factor is the slow response of the website and the near endless rotating logo that often freezes my browser.

Voices on Project Management

Part of the wider website (see above). But this is a channel led by an eclectic set of writers with a wide range of interesting ideas to present.

Work Matters

Bob Sutton doesn’t write about Project Management, but his eclectic work/business/management blog is one of the best general workplace blogs, with plenty of thought-provoking content for us.


Wrike is a cloud-based project management software vendor that produces a wide-ranging blog for newer and intermediate project managers. Their project management blogs are short, well-written, and helpful. They also have other channels, about productivity, leadership and other topics project managers will find interesting.

50 Project Management Blogs?

When I set out to collate all the worthwhile project management blogs I am aware of, I didn’t have a target in mind. There are around 50 on this page, and you doubtless know of more. Tell us about your favourites, or your own blog, below.

50 Great Project Management Blogs 2017


About the Author Mike Clayton

Dr Mike Clayton is one of the most successful and in-demand project management trainers in the UK. He is author of 13 best-selling books, including four about project management. He is also a prolific blogger and contributor to and Project, the journal of the Association for Project Management. Between 1990 and 2002, Mike was a successful project manager, leading large project teams and delivering complex projects. In 2016, Mike launched OnlinePMCourses.

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  • Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for including my blog in this round up, Mike!

    • Mike Clayton says:

      Elizabeth – you are very welcome. Not only an excellent blog, but a mighty archive a good materials OnlinePMCourses readers can benefit from!

  • Dave Gordon says:

    Thanks for including me in your round-up, Mike. Let me add a few blogs and podcasts to your list:

    The Project Management Podcast. Cornelius Fichtner interviews thought leaders and practitioners, with both premium and free content.

    Fix My Project Chaos. Another PM podcast – from Oz – by Elise Stevens.

    Age of Product. Stefan Wolpers curates a weekly list like mine, focused on Agile and Scrum, as well as other articles.

    The Project Risk Coach. Harry Hall offers a variety of content besides project risk management.

    • Mike Clayton says:

      Thank you very much for these additions. I’m particularly chuffed to see a blog dedicated to Project Risk Management – it’s a bit of a hobby horse of mine (I wrote the book, Risk Happens!). As for the podcasts, I am planning to do a round-up of project management podcasts in the near future, so I shall be sure to include Elise’s – I already know of Cornelius, but it’s a good reminder. I am less well informed about Agile and related blogs; it’s not my area, so Stefan’s list is also a welcome addition.
      Best regards

  • Ken Ashe says:

    Great list. There’s a few on there I’ve heard of before.

  • Josh says:

    Request you to give ZilicusPM blog a spin. It is and covers project management basics, best practices, case studies, tools and techniques, productivity hacks and much more.

    • Mike Clayton says:

      Thank you,Josh,I certainly will. It looks like you have some interesting topics. I’m also planning to take alook at some of the more innovative software tools available to PMs later in the year. Drop me a line using the contact form if that’s of interest.
      Best regards

  • Paul Stanton says:

    I would have added two more to the list and

  • Steve says:

    Hi Mike – As a Primavera P6 user, I would strongly recommend the TenSix site.

  • Thanks for including Musings. I get a kick out of writing it.
    My favorite, not listed: Critical Uncertainties, Matthew Squair author, features articles and postings on safety, failure, and risk management.

  • Synquis says:

    Interesting list! These are such a great project management blogs to get inspiration from them! Thank You!

  • Ken Ashe says:

    Good list. You have a few I never heard of on here. I’ll check them out.

  • Hey, great list of top PM blogs!

    We have a lot of the same tastes; I wonder how these, above the others, made the list? Brand recognition? Domain authority? People you know? These are all big players so I’m not surprised they made an appearance.

    Specifically, I’m glad you included Elizabeth Harrin and Kailash Awati’s sites. They’re both fantastically useful to project managers and I reference them regularly. Naturally I’d love it if you included the Capterra project management site too, but that may be asking for too much. 🙂

    I recently wrote a roundup of the top blogs for PMs and used update frequency, user friendliness, domain authority, specialization, and prevalence of “useful” content to filter through. Feel free to take a look; I came up with a few of the same and a few different sites than you.

    • Mike Clayton says:

      The list was a personal one, a mix of my own preferences and apparent influence. But I’ll readily accept that I missed as many god blogs as I included! One blog I forgot to include was my own. I see you did list yourselves 😉

      Happy to register Capterra Project Management blogs here.

      As my readers know, I publish a big article every Monday and sometimes a short article, follow-up, or Video Blog mid-week, so I’d love to be on your list too.

      Regarding Elizabeth and Kailash specifically. I’ve followed each of them for many years, and know Elizabeth – she’s also an affiliate. Kailash’s depth of thought and analysis appeals to the physicist at my core!

  • Adrian DeGus says:

    Great list of PM blogs Mike!

    Can I suggest as an addition?

    We write about project management as well as productivity and leadership. One particular post of interest might be

    Thank you!

    • Mike Clayton says:

      Thank you, Adrian. I’ve had a quick look at some of your articles. Short, sharp, and well considered. I’ll be sure to add them to the next edition of this post. And good luck with your software.

  • Gaurav says:

    Thank you for providing a well documented popular Project Management blogs.

  • Joshua Blomqvist says:

    Thank you for sharing such a great list of project management blogs.

  • David Miller says:

    Nice collection of PM blogs.

    Kindly consider adding ProProfs Project Blogs as well:

    We are a project management software development company, helping businesses deliver projects most optimally. To stay one step ahead, we keep our readers updated on expert opinions, how to guides, and trends for project management through our blog.

    We are doing our best to reinvent project management dynamics.

    I sincerely hope our blog would be of good interest to your site audience and would offer them positive exposure.

  • Ravi says:

    Hi Mike,

    It was a Great List.
    I would like to suggest, as it might be a nice addition. offers informative and simplified tutorials to prepare for PMP certification exam. The website contains lots of free resources to help the PMP aspirants prepare for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

    Best Regards,

    • Mike Clayton says:

      Thank you, Ravi.
      Your site looks interesting and I shall review some of your articles in detail, when I update this list for 2019.

  • Michael says:

    My blog is in its infancy and is maybe on the “ones to watch” list. It contains short posts on problems that I see other PMs struggling with. The posts are distilled right down to the important and key advice. I assume the readers are intermediate or advanced and know how to use most of the common PM tools but are still struggling. Let me know if there are issues that you’d like me to cover.

    • Mike Clayton says:

      Thank you, Michael. I like the idea of a ‘ones-to-watch’ list, and enjoyed the article I just read on your blog.

  • I certainly wouldn’t suggest it’s a candidate for the Top 50 as its very early days for me, but those interested in PMO may want to check out the posts section of my website – and I’d be very happy to hear from anyone who’d like to suggest topics they would like to see covered!

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