21 December, 2021

10 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Team | Video

InIt is so important to say thank you to your team and your individual team members. It not only boosts morale; it shows you have noticed and that you care. Saying thank you is part of your job.

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Here are 10 ways to say thank you to your team:

  1. Say thank you
    Just get them together and say ‘thank you’ to them. Better still, when you have said thank you to the whole team, go around the room thanking individuals for specific things
  2. Thank you notes
    Personalized notes on cards or even stickies have a huge impact. Double the impact by printing up certificates!
  3. Thank you letters
    Letters, in envelopes, are formal and powerful.
  4. Small gifts
    Choose something thoughtful to show your appreciation. But be sure to be even-handed. Any distinctions in value must track clearly to contribution. Shopping vouchers and sweets are good options.
  5. Cakes and Biscuits
    Provide nice treats for your team at break time
  6. Hospitality
    Take your team out for a nice event: a morning coffee, a tea, drinks in the evening, or a full meal. Something that has a social value as well as a dietary one!
  7. Entertainment
    Arrange an event for your team. But be sure it is something everyone can participate in – even if some may choose not to.
  8. Commendation
    Write a note of commendation for the team or for individual team members. You can do this in company newsletters, on noticeboards, or formally, for their personnel records.
  9. A big chance
    Be careful – this can be divisive. And definitely avoid it if someone has an objection to gambling. But you could give everyone a lottery ticket.
  10. The gift of time
    Give people some extra time off work to be with their families or do their own thing.

And, if you can’t be there to say thank you in person…

Use Zoom, Webex, or Teams.

Or make a video.

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