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10 Ways to Keep Calm and Carry on | Video

10 Ways to Keep Calm and Carry on | Video

The slightly annoying ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ wartime poster parodies are near-ubiquitous these days.

As a Project Manager, your job is stressful. But, there’s no doubt that calm optimists will always do better than frazzled pessimists, so here are ten ways to keep calm.

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Here are 10 Ideas to Help You Keep Calm and Carry on

  1. Build in planning time
    Time to plan and prepare will leave you feeling calm from the start.
  2. Give yourself some contingency
    Allow extra time to get there early or finish before it’s needed to reduce your stress levels.
  3. One thing at a time
    Not only is multi-tasking inefficient, but it adds to your stress levels. Do one thing at a time and you will be calmer and do better quality work.
  4. A problem shared…
    If you do feel the first signs of stress, talk to others around you. – If they are stressed too, then you will know you aren’t alone. – If they are not, then perhaps they can help calm you.
  5. Get up and walk around
    Getting up from your desk, having a stretch, and walking about a little will reduce your stress levels. If you take fifteen minutes to take a walk outside, the effect will be even greater.
  6. Tidy up
    For many people, an untidy workspace increases feelings of stress. Deal with it.
  7. Smart snacking
    If you cannot take the time for a nutritious and relaxing lunch break, at least choose healthy snacks, so you can feel virtuous. Fresh water, nuts, fruit, dried fruit, and raw vegetables all help you to keep your body well, and enhance your resilience.
  8. Have a rant…
    …but choose your timing carefully If you need to let off steam, do it with the right person at the right time: a trusted friend, outside of work hours.
  9. Stress is a part of success
    We all need something to spur us along, so recognize stress as a part of the process. Only when you cannot escape it at the end of the day is it time to really worry.
  10. Focus on your achievements
    Often when we are stressed we focus on failures and things we have yet to do. Focus on success and what you have done, to give you a sense of control. Celebrate your successes to replace feelings of stress with a sense of pride.

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